Our Minor Service is normally scheduled at the 10,000 km intervals. It consists of removing all wheels and inspecting the brakes for wear. The brakes will also be adjusted if required.
A full under body inspection is performed to check the exhaust system, steering as well as suspension. Engine oil and filters will ultimately be replaced, other fluids will be inspected & topped as necessary. A complete check of air & fuel filters, cooling system is similarly performed.

We will also check all tyres to make sure they are safe.

A full safety check is then produced and we will send you a written report if any other issues are found.

Main minor service activities

  • Service and oil change.
  • Up to five liters of premium semi-synthetic oil.
  • Premium oil filter.
  • Electronic battery condition check.
  • Vehicle inspection.


Sometimes you need more than an oil change. Our Major Service allows us to take closer look at the most vital components of your vehicle. Once the major service is concluded, we will provide you with a one-page summary, listing all checked out components, and their current status.

We will gladly make recommendations to correct any alarming issues and we will make a note on your service file to check on anything that is starting to show signs of wear, at your next visit. We normally recommend our customers to alternate this service with our Minor Service to ensure their vehicle’s critical systems are getting inspected at regularly.

Main Major Service Activities

  • Check all lights
  • Check horn, wiper operation & condition of wiper blades
  • Check brake & clutch pedal for squeaks & adjustment
  • Lubricate all latches & hinges
  • Check windshield washer fluid
  • Check Battery & terminals
  • Check Hydraulic fluid levels
  • Check cooling system levels and check for leaks
  • Inspect Seat belts
  • Change all filters
  • Inspect brakes & handbrake operation
  • Start-up vehicle check for oil leaks
  • Check all tyre pressures
  • Check gearbox lever & oil leaks
  • Check diff level & side shaft oil leaks
  • Check new oil level and water levels

At Pukekohe Exhaust & Automotive we believe there are always many reasons to choose the best workshop to service your car, the below list are just few of them:

  1. Guarantees
    Our reputation depends mainly on good service and customer satisfaction. In addition, we offer the highest quality parts, quality tools & equipment, and the highest level of technical expertise. Because of this, all our in workshop repairs are fully guaranteed, along with the additional manufacturer guarantees offered on the spare parts.
  2. Quality
    Your satisfaction is our primary concern. We achieve this by offering low prices, great customer service, and the highest quality service support for your vehicle.
  3. Parts
    We ensure the supply of quality spare parts to cover repairs of all vehicles. Similarly, we use the best lubricants to fit our extreme weather conditions, and roads.
  4. Training
    Our Service Technicians are held to the highest standards in the industry. As such, we ensure keeping our technicians trained and up-to-date on today’s increasingly complex vehicles.
  5. Tools and Equipment
    Our workshop is equipped with a large amount of tools and equipment, we will not comprise the quality of our offered services and repairs. 
  6. In house work
    As a qualified technician I can carry out majority of car repairs and services on site, and I rarely rely on third parties or partners. Therefore, we guarantee the work we perform, and we stand behind our promises.
  7. Convenience
    Pukekohe Exhaust & Automotive is conveniently located in just of Manukau Rd, close to the heart of Pukekohe, close to major shopping areas, and other strategic amenities.
  8. Technicians
    With technology advancing at an alarming rate, and automobiles becoming increasingly more integrated with computers, today’s technicians must be experts in electronics as well as mechanics. I take pride in the fact that I will continue to increase my knowledge and always improve the services I provide, this will improve the service I can provide.
  9. Price
    I offer our clients the best in quality and professionalism, all at very affordable and competitive prices. 
  10. Car Wash Service
    We can take advantage of our local business’s, to offer you a great car grooming service at great rates.