Over the years I have seen many sights when carrying out car repairs.

Here are some I have come across while browsing the internet. Remember cars can be a very dangerous thing and that is why I believe Safety is something I will not compromise on.

If your after a cheap bodge job then go somewhere else. If your after a quality job done at a fair price then give me a call. Your exhausts a very important part of your vehicle. Remember your family drive in that car!!

tin can exhaust hqdefault OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Leaky-Exhaust

Come and meet Blue Boy. Blue  BoyThis is one great little pipe bender and although it takes a bit to master the results can be outstanding. As  shown by the accompanying photo.

Our Blue Boy Pipe BenderFor the technical ones out there here is a bit more about Blue.

Blue Boy is the top-of-the-line fully automatic tube bender, designed for a high-volume operation. Rugged tubular steel frame and proven design stand up to the toughest jobs. Equipped with two expanders, Hydra-Sizer and Swager, on separate hydraulic cylinders to let the operator maintain two different set-ups without changing tooling.

Our work with Blue

Custom replacement exhaust system.


When your exhaust is restricted due to a faulty system whether it be a bad muffler or constricted flow through the manifolds, it can noticeably effect the performance of your engine. Pukekohe Exhaust & Automotive specialises in muffler and exhaust system repair and replacement. If a vehicle feels sluggish or the fuel mileage is poor it may be time to have the exhaust system checked.

Custom Exhaust Systems – Substantial Improvement Over Stock Systems

Custom Exhaust Systems designed and installed by Pukekohe Exhaust & Automotive can greatly improve your vehicles power curve and fuel mileage over the existing factory system by opening up the flow of gases from the engine and balancing the vacuum produced by your original factory system. Drop in today for a Free Exhaust Inspection and Estimate.

Check Out Our Custom Exhaust Installation Services
  • Headers
  • Custom Dual Exhaust
  • Any Make & Model
  • Cold Air Intake Systems
  • Pipe Bending (Check out the blue boy in action) and Welding
  • Stock Manifolds and Gaskets
  • Stainless and Aluminized Pipe
  • Custom Exhaust for Any Type Vehicle

So why not bring your car in to see us now….

 Recent examples from our workshop
of failed exhaustsLeaking rear muffler


Blown out muffler

Ford Falcon Headers copy


FULL CUSTOM SYSTEMS AVAILABLEexhaust_holden_v8_vs_irs